We Are Resilient

Who could have known what 2020 would have in store for us? I have been so proud of each of our members as we navigate Covid together. Your resilience has been inspiring and your support and encouragement have been amazing.

Some of you have seen the recent comments made by the CEO of CrossFit, Greg Glassman and I wanted to address this and let you all know where we are heading together as a community.

Myself as an individual, our Caffeinated team and our gym stand firmly against any and all forms of racism. I believe it is one of the biggest forms of evil and I have been so inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

We have been reading, watching, learning, protesting, donating and getting ready to plan our next steps as to how we as a Caffeinated family can take a stand together against racism and support the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the last couple of days, some very disturbing comments from CrossFit, Inc CEO, Greg Glassman, have been released in the media. We are terribly disturbed and saddened by these comments and I would be going against who I am as a person and the values we have at Caffeinated if I continued to be affiliated with the CrossFit name.

In full transparency, we have been considering de-affiliating for at least a few months now.

Our initial reasons for de-affiliating were:

1. Many times we have to defend what we do to new people and many times new people or potential members are intimidated by the word CrossFit.

2. It costs a lot of money to use the CrossFit name every year and that is all we get. We do not hear from HQ very often and they do not offer much support to their affiliates. CrossFit offered minimal support to its affiliates during the Covid pandemic (in my opinion).

3. In light of the recent comments made by Greg Glassman this is what gave me complete peace and confirmation in making this decision.

So please know that this decision has been well thought out and we are excited about the future of our community.

I was planning to wait to announce the name change until we had a new website and new name solidified but in light of the recent events I wanted to go ahead and communicate our plans.

What does this mean for our beloved members? Essentially nothing changes for you and your experience with us. We will have the same amazing coaching staff, same wonderful community, same great workouts, and the only thing changing is our name.

We believe the name change will allow us to fully align with our vision for the future.

In December 2019, we implemented a new Coach For Life model. Every new member that has joined us since then has been paired with a Professional Coach For Life in which we work with you in a 1:1 fundamentals format upon joining. We take you through a series of 1:1 sessions to get you ready for our group sessions and then we check in with you periodically to ensure you are on the best path to achieving your goals.

Our mission and vision remain the same. We are passionate and committed to helping people become the best versions of themselves, physically and mentally, through fitness and community. We believe the Coach For Life model is the best way to do that.

We have not yet settled on a new name but we are so excited to share it with you when we have one!

Honestly, I am more excited about the future than ever before. We look forward to continuing to help you, your friends and family, and the Smyrna/Mableton/Atlanta community become the best versions of themselves possible.

We thank you for your continued support and we are here for you.

As an individual, I’m always seeking to learn more about how I can contribute to a better future for everyone. As a business, we will continue to seek out ways to serve and love during this time. If you’d like to suggest ways that our Caffeinated community can get involved together, I’m listening. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

With Love,

Mary Hollis

JUNE 8, 2020