Member of the Month: August 2020

Cristina Beras Aulet: August 2020 Member of the Month!
Caffeinated CrossFit, Smyrna, GA

Cristina Beras Aulet
Cristina Beras Aulet

Cristina is full of energy, fun, and joy! We love having Cristina at Caffeinated! She shows up even on the tough days! She pushes herself out of her comfort zone! Cristina brings fun and energy to each class. We are so proud of all her hard work! Cristina is a great example of living a well-balanced life. She is a rock start boss lady by day, wife, dog mom, and still makes time to keep herself healthy at Caffeinated each week.

Name: Cristina Beras Aulet
Age: 40
Occupation: Director of Operations
How long have you been at Caffeinated CrossFit? Around 2 and a half years
What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit? Beach, brunch and outdoor things
What are your favorite and least favorite movements or WODs? Favorites: Deadlifts, rowing, bench press, anything core, short runs (which I used to hate)
Least Favorites: Overhead squat, front squat, overhead lunges, assault bicycle
What is your biggest achievement so far? Constant improvement – I have been reaching a lot of PRs lately (bench press, back squat, deadlift) and improving on techniques! (handstands)
What are your future goals? Pull ups, handstand push-ups, 100# bench press, 200# deadlift
Any advice for anyone just starting their CrossFit journey? Don’t overthink it and keep moving!
Favorite Cheat Meal: Pizza all the way!
CrossFit Secret: Try harder, even when you think you are done there is still a bit more that can be done
On Rest Days: Netflix or anything outside
What you can’t live without: Pets, chocolate & bubbly
Who is your box buddy: Nerissa and Rashida
What is your favorite color: Green & blue
What is your favorite thing about Caffeinated CrossFit: The people and the accountability

“Cristina’s fearless and, “says it like it is” approach translates to her continuous improvement when it comes to her training. She’s been pushing herself to increase weight in her lifts and focuses on correct movement. Cristina knows the importance of mobility and has the flexy to show for it.” – Coach Nerissa

“Cristina is full of energy and life. She’s always up for a challenge and even though she sometimes doubts her own abilities (which she shouldn’t) she always puts in the work and kicks ass. Love having her in my classes!” -Coach Hilary

“Cristina Beras Aulet”

Buy-in: 30/20 calorie assault bike

3 rounds:
400m run
15 DL (155/105)
500m row
30 second plank hold

Cash-out: 30/20 calorie assault bike