Caffeinated CrossFit Gym, Smyrna, GA

3 Rounds
10 Shoulder Taps (2s Hold at shoulder)
10 Dead Bugs
5 Push-Ups to Down Dog
30s Side Plank L (on hand or elbow if needed)
30s Side Plank R
100 M Run (or 1 Min high knees in place)


5×10 Shoulder press (If you have DBs or BB)
*If you only have light weights that fine, add a 3s up, 3s down tempo and nasal breathing only to increase the intensity a bit

*If no weights: Core Work (or do in addition or at the end)
5 Rounds
20 Flutter Kicks
40s Plank
20 Alternating 1 Leg V-Ups
40 Russian Twists

15 Min AMRAP
15 DB Push Press or 15 Push Ups (or knee push ups)
200 M Run (.13 Miles)
*If not able to run or it’s raining, do 35 Air Squats
Shoot for at least 5-7 Rounds

If you’re doing the At Home Version, post your scores here and let us know how it went! If you’re up for it, take a short video or pic of yourself and post! 😀

Stretch: Childs pose, Downward Dog

Caffeinated CrossFit Gym, Smyrna, GA

Warm-up (10 min.)
2 Rounds
10 reps of Hip Flow
10 Alt. Cossack Squats
10 Burpees

“Lucky Leprechaun“

5 Rounds
17 Speed Skaters
17 Back Lunges
17 Fast Feet (double reps)

Scoring :Time to complete workout.
Scaling : Scale the speed skaters to a lateral lunge.

Use load if possible for the speed skaters and back lunges. (Water jug?)

Core Finisher: 3 Rounds
1 Min Each
Russian Twists

Stretch: Pigeon, cobra

Caffeinated CrossFit Gym, Smyrna, GA

Warm-Up (10 Min)
5 rounds of
12/12 single leg glute bridges
20/20s side plank

B) EMOM 20
45s on/15s off
Min 1: Push-Ups
Min 2: SIt-Ups
Min 3: Jumping Jacks
Min 4: Air Squats

Score is total rounds

Stretch: 2 min couch stretch per side

Caffeinated CrossFit Gym, Smyrna, GA

Warm-up (10 min.)
2 Rounds
Perform 3-point Shuttle Runs (runs to 10 m, touches ground, runs back, runs to 20 m, touches ground, runs back)
5 reps Hip Capsule Grind + Dog Pee
5 Reps Hip leg raise and Supine Plank (each side)
10 Alt. Step-ups
5 Wall Climbs

4 min. 5 Burpee + 3 Wall Climb
3 min. Shuttle Runs (20 m.)
2 min. Step-ups onto object (find an object you can safely step up on to)
1 min. Plank Hold
2 min. Step-ups onto object
3 min. Shuttle Runs (20 m.)
4 min. 5 Burpee + 3 Wall Climb


Reps accumulated throughout the workout. For the Shuttle Runs, count each 20-m there-and-back as 1 rep. Plank Hold does not count towards the rep count.


Find a height you are comfortable with for the Step-ups. Hold an object if possible.
Wall Climb: Scale to 6 Plank Get-down/get-ups

Caffeinated CrossFit Gym, Smyrna, GA

Warm-up (10 min.)
10 reps Hip Flow
10 reps Quad Pose to Hip Lift
10 Air Squats
10 Push-ups
10 Sit-ups
5 Jumping Air Squats
5 Clapping Push-ups
5 Sit-ups

AMRAP 20 min.
1 MIn Heisman
15 Object (Mb) Cleans
15 Object Jumps/Step-ups

Scoring Total rounds and reps completed.

Scaling Scale the Mb/Object Cleans to Walking Lunges. Find something that you can comfortably jump/step up onto.

Caffeinated CrossFit Gym, Smyrna, GA

Core Warm-Up
3 Rounds
30s Side Plank L
30s Side Plank R
10- V-ups

For Time:

50 Jumping Jacks
50 Push-ups
50 Air Squats
50 Flutter Kicks
50 Walking Lunges (or stationary or back)
50 Sit-ups
50 Second Plank Hold
50 Burpees
50 Russian Twists
Score is total time
*Go for two rounds if you’re feeling up to it 🙂

Caffeinated CrossFit Gym, Smyrna, GA

4 Rounds
10/10 Leg Swings
10 Back Lunges
40s Plank on Hands

Mini “Murph”
1-mile Run
100 Push-ups
200 Air Squats
1-mile Run

Stretch: Spiderman, down dog roll out: quads and glutes